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6 Recall Games to Make Training Your Dog More Fun

Training your dog can be stressful, time consuming, and incredibly repetitive, for both you and your dog. To make things more fun for both of you, try turning your training techniques into games! This is especially beneficial for one of the most essential commands, which is recall.

Recall is such a valuable behaviour for your dog and is vital for keeping your dog safe in dangerous situations, like near traffic.

Here are six recall games to make training your dog more fun:

Hide and Seek

Have someone hold your dog while you hide in another room. Then, call your dog excitedly, rewarding them when they find you. As your dog gets better, make the hiding spots more challenging.

Recall Races

Make a game out of recall by having a family member or friend stand a short distance away and call your dog. Each person can take turns, and you can time how quickly your dog responds to each call.

Treat Toss

Have a partner stand a short distance away from you with some high-value treats. Call your dog to come to you, and as they get close, have your partner toss a treat in your direction. This game adds an element of excitement and unpredictability.

Recall Relay

If you have multiple family members, set up a relay where each person takes a turn calling the dog from various spots. It not only reinforces the recall but is also a fun family activity.

Recall with Obstacles

Create a small obstacle course in your backyard or a secure area. Call your dog to navigate the course, using obstacles like tunnels, cones, or low jumps. This game adds a challenge and keeps the training engaging.

Group Recall

Invite some doggy friends and their owners over for a playdate. Practice recall with multiple dogs, which can be a great way to work on obedience in a social setting.

Fetch and Recall

Combine fetch with recall by calling your dog back to you after they retrieve a toy. Reward them when they return.

Ready to continue your training but not sure what to do next? Check out our training classes!


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