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Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks!? Fido's offers training classes tailored to meet the needs of dogs of all ages, sizes and abilities.
If you are interested in any of the classes please let us know. Our trainers require a min amount pre-registered
before they can be booked.
Pre-registration is required for all classes.


All classes must be paid in full 48 hours after you have received confirmation you have a spot in the class. The classes taught are determined by our waiting lists. If you are interested in any of the classes below,  please contact us.

An overview of the classes we offer at Fido's Training Facility:


Pet First Aid (Yappy Hour)

For humans only - pets get the night off!

Join our comprehensive educational training class to ensure your furry friends' safety and well-being!

In Week #1: Hands-on sessions to learn essential first aid techniques for common pet emergencies. Taught by Kristin Caldwell, RVT and Chief of Veterinary Operations at Prairie Animal Health Centre of Weyburn and Estevan

Week #2 & #3: Learn how to perform CPR, Basic pet first aid and assemble your own pet first aid kit!(included in the course price).


By Week #4, you'll be ready for a review, ensuring you've mastered these vital skills, and "graduate" as a responsible and prepared pet owner.

Meet Your Trainer: CindyAnn & Majesta

This is a 4-week course starting date TBD

 Cost $75 (tax included)


Beginner Agility

For dogs of all ages

This class will introduce your dog to the world of agility training and handling techniques. In this class, your dog will learn the basics; including low jumps, tunnels, and weave poles. The focus will be on teaching your dog to reliably navigate a series of obstacles and practice outstanding recall.


This fun class will challenge you and your dog, teach new skills and enhance the bond you share together.

Meet Your Trainer: Averyl

Interested in this course? Let us know!



Fun With Sarah

For dogs of all ages

Sarah focuses on ‘fun’ctional training. Keeping the experience pleasant and engaging for both you and your dog! This class will provide you with games and exercises that will help you connect and communicate with your dog more clearly and effectively.


The curriculum is very open and each set of classes can be tailored to any issues the group may be having.  Any age or breed of dogs are welcomed. No prior training experience needed!

Meet Your Trainer: Sarah

Interested in this course? Let us know!


Next Step Class

For young dogs 10 months and up

This is a beginner obedience class for dogs that have completed some basic training and socialization. This class includes leash training, commands, and more!

Meet Your Trainer: Majesta

Interested in this course? Let us know!


New! Scent Training

For dogs of all ages

This 5 week class will introduce your dog to odor, search sequences and more!  Enjoy learning one of the fastest growing dog sports in Canada, using your dog's natural instinct!

Meet Your Trainer: Jeanine

Interested in this course? Let us know!


Puppy Class

For puppies 4-10 months

Learn how to turn your rambunctious puppy into a well-behaved family member.

This class will provide you and your dog with the foundations to continue into any dog activity. Heeling, recall, sit, down, and stay are some of the exercises taught, as well as basic socialization.

​Strengthening the human-animal bond through science-based, force-free training.

Meet Your Trainer: Julie

Interested in this course? Let us know!

Contact Julie at to register


Beginner Obedience

For puppies 4-10 months

Learn to walk on a loose leash (heeling), sit and sit stay, down and down stay, stand and stand stay and come when called.


You will learn to apply these skills every day so your dog behaves at home, in the car, in the park, and anywhere else you might wish to include him/her.

Interested in this course? Let us know!


Rally Obedience

Canadian Kennel Club

The chief objective of CKC Rally is to provide a fast-moving and motivational activity that demonstrates the competency of handlers and dogs in performing basic obedience exercises without requiring exact precision for success. 


Rally can also provide the opportunity to refine training skills for competitors in other events.

During this course, dogs and handlers are introduced to the exercises and directions on how to use exercises to execute the signs for the sport of Rally-O.

Interested in this course? Let us know!


Intermediate Agility

Must have completed beginner class

This Intermediate agility course will sharpen skills you and your dog learned in Beginner Agility training and add the Intermediate title to your pup's agility resume. 

In this level of agility, certified trainers will guide you and your dog through a full agility course, increase the challenge of the obstacles and introduce props like the A-Frame.

Interested in this course? Let us know!

Advanced Agility

Must have completed intermediate class

Did you and your furry companion ace Beginner Agility, rock Intermediate Agility, and are hungry for more?


Join the next Advanced Agility and discover sequencing obstacles, continue to build on handing skills, and create handler focus for you to feel confident with your dog off-leash.

Interested in this course? Let us know!


"My boy, Dewey, loves going to Fido's! The staff have been super helpful with helping me socialize and train my puppy so that he can grow up to be a happy and balanced dog. The facility is super clean and professional looking. I totally recommend taking your fur baby to Fido's!"


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