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Fido’s Place started from Cindyann Boehm’s (pictured) lifelong dream of owning a facility that dogs were able to come during the day and not only obtain exercise and freedom from the kennel but where they would have the opportunity to socialize with other dogs and experience an environment specifically designed for them to thrive in.

Fido’s Place is where your furry best friend comes for the fun, and leaves with their foundational skills, traits and behaviors elevated. 


With the expansion of adding grooming to their roster of services, Fido’s Place is now where your furry companion can come to learn, play, and be pampered. 

In addition to the daycare, Fido's Place also offers a Pet Taxi Service for pets in Weyburn.  Pet owners can have their pet picked up by our bonded pet concierges for everything from a ride to and from the daycare and veterinarian appointments. 

The daycare also offers dog training classes in the evening and some weekends, to work on puppy training, obedience, behavior issues and so much more.


Their passionate and experienced staff are integral parts of what makes Fido’s Place feel like a second home. 

The building is located at 325 Queen St. and is fully equipped indoors for an extravagant doggy experience. All the agility toys and equipment make for a fun and safe environment for both large and small dogs. 

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