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On March 1, 2019 Fido's Place officially opened its doors to Weyburn's dogs and their owners.  The 4200 sp-ft open concept facility has everything your dog could ever want and more.  The daycare was purpose-built for dogs, with ramps, tech equipment installed inside and outside gives pet owners peace of mind and assures them that the health and welfare of their pet is the top priority at Fido's Place.  There is also a microchip scanner for the times when two dogs look very similar.

So, why does your dog need daycare?  "Dogs are predictors.  They know when you leave for work, and when you get home.  Sometimes that can lead to boredom, anxiety or stress, which can lead to destructive behaviors.  Adding socialization and a change of routine can help dogs get the stimulation they need to be happy and comfortable".  Doggy daycare gives dogs the exercise and playtime they need in a safe, controlled environment.  There are days when you have worked so hard you get and you have no energy left for that walk. Well, NO WORRIES! The Fido's Place Team has come to the rescue, leave you with a content pup dreaming about daycare."

It's like a daycare for kids, but it's for dogs!  Dog owners will be able to drop off their pets for the day and allow them to burn off some steam while interacting with other dogs.  I have a 4,200 sq. foot building and it's designed like an indoor dog park with an open concept.  I'm going to bring in trainers that will come in and do some behaviour, agility and obedience training. It's not pretty from the outside, but it's going to be awesome on the inside. Plus I have half-an-acre fenced in behind, so the dogs will be able to go outside and play in the swimming pools and just run and have fun. - Cindy Ann Boehm, Owner of Fido's Place

In addition to the daycare, Fido's Place also offers a Pet Taxi Service for pets in Weyburn.  Pet owners can have their pet picked up by our bonded pet concierges for everything from a ride to and from the dacare, the groomer, the veterinarian and more! 

The daycare also offers dog training classes in the evening and some weekends, to work on puppy training, obedience, behavior issues and so much more.


The building is located at 325 Queen St. and will be fully equipped indoors for an extravagant doggy experience. All the agility toys and equipment will make for a fun environment for both large and small dogs. 

"My dog does not generally like other dogs.  I was scared to take him to Fido's Place but the staff was so amazing with him!  He loves going and is tuckered out when he gets home.  The best part? ... he has learned to better socialize with other dogs.  We love Fido's Place!!" - Trudy, Weyburn



6:30am - 5:30pm

CLOSED Weekends and Stat Holidays



325 Queen Street

Weyburn, SK
T / 306-842-1842