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Doggy Daycare

We have taken extra steps to customize for our clientele, to ensure your pet is taken care of.  We are insured for all aspects of pet care; home visits, walks, pet taxi, daycare, training, and grooming.  Staff are bonded and trained in animal behavior.

We offer a number of different options to meet all of your doggy daycare needs. We have our full day, where your dog can come play for any amount of time during our open hours. We also have our half day where your dog can come play for 5 hours or less.

We also offer home visits! Once we do our first meet and greet, we will let your dog out and play for 30 mins.

Click here for complete details on our pricing!

Why bring your dog to Fido's Place?

  • Spacious Facility:  Aside from our spacious indoor facility, we also have developed an acre and a half of backyard space for dogs to run freely or play in the pools. The services we offer are something that has been missing for pet owners in and around Weyburn. As of now, dogs of all sizes now have a place to go instead of being cooped up at home. 

  • Safe and supervised play: Dog parks are not always hospitable places for off-leash interaction. Fido's Place evaluates each dog for energy level and temperament, and are closely monitored while they play, to ensure every dog has fun and stays safe.

Miles Bio
Ri and pup
Ri and pups
CA and Pup
  • Mental stimulation and social contact: Dogs are social creatures. Meeting up with doggy friends, even one day a week, provides your pets with a break from the usual routine, and allows them as much (or as little) social interaction as they want.

  • Flexibility for owners: Fido's Place offers full-day or half-day visits, which makes it an ideal solution for people with odd work schedules or occasional dog care needs.

  • Your dog’s exercise needs: Busy families with packed evening schedules (think hockey games and dance recitals), sending your dog to daycare when you’re not going to be home at night is a brilliant compromise to make sure all family members are looked after.

  • Positive socialization with others: Fido's Place provides a safe and controlled environment where your pooch can interact with other dogs and people, satisfying their mental and psychological needs.


Happy Barkday PARTIES

When you are part of our pack, we celebrate big! 

Pup pals join together for pupcakes, treats, and more!

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