Meet Our Staff

Meet Our Staff

CindyAnn Boehm

“I was raised in a ‘kennel’”, laughs CindyAnn. “My family raised show dogs, and I started helping with the training and showing dogs at a very early age.” CindyAnn’s love for dogs has never left her. She was a volunteer and board member for the Weyburn Humane Society and is training her dog to become a registered therapy dog. Two years ago, her love of dogs got her thinking about how she could make her passion a career. CindyAnn started researching doggy daycares in North America and learning the best practices. “I spent countless hours learning how to create a safe and fun environment for dogs to socialize and exercise,” she says. “I also inquired where they received their education for running a doggy daycare and took the available courses and achieved marks in the high 90s. Education is very important.” All the current staff at Fido’s Place hold their pet first aid certification and have all received their advanced course in K9 body language. CindyAnn encourages her team to continue their education because as she says, "you can never know everything”



Susan Adderley - My love affair with dogs all started with a “Free Dog” sign I spotted at the grocery store. I begged my dad to go and see the dog. Miss Freckles, a sweet lonely beagle, jumped right into our van and right into our hearts, too! I have enjoyed training and being a momma to several fur babies over the years. Each one has left a paw print on my heart! My grandfather had a soft spot for Standard Poodles, which has rubbed off on me. Currently, my handsome Standard Sir Fredrick the Great, a.k.a “Freddie”, is a joy to train and photograph!!



Miles Matineau - Although retired Miles came to Fido's as our Pet Taxi Concierge. He has since completed his pet first aid and the pups look forward to getting their belly rubs and walks when he is around.




Jeanine Jorgensen -  Most of my life has revolved around dogs! 25 years to be exact. I grew up with Chinese Shar-pei as my mom has raised them for 30 years.  A puppy she kept from her 2nd litter became my performance dog and I was hooked! I showed many different breeds from Rottweilers to Shepherds and probably everything in between. In my professional life I was a vet tech for the past 14 years but have now moved on from that field.  My husband and I share our home with 3 Springers, 1 Sheltie and 1 cat who thinks he's a dog